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Wedding Planning Tips: Cutting the Wedding Cake

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A popular wedding tradition that still makes its way into most couple's wedding planning is the ceremonial cutting of the wedding cake. It's a quick moment that sometimes gets missed by guests if they are not paying attention.

Today has some information about why the cake cutting is an event in the first place and the best ways to get this done. Next week we'll bring you a few more tips to make this simple tradition stand out as a memorable wedding reception moment. 

Why Cut the Cut?

First, it might interest you to know why this is a wedding tradition in the first place. It is meant to represent the first activity that you do together as a married couple. (It will take some good teamwork to do this in a way that doesn't look awkward!)   

As for the tradition of feeding each other a bite of cake, that is meant to be a sweet interaction between the two of you symbolizing your commitment to providing for each other. This involves teamwork in a way also. Be sure to make your wishes known beforehand if you definitely do not want that bite of cake "smashed" into your face. 

When to Cut the Cake

You can cut the cake during your wedding reception at any point that makes the most sense with the rest of your reception plans. Keep in mind that some older guests that don't plan to stay until the end of the party will wait for the cake-cutting as their sign that the scheduled activities are over.  

If you have pre-cut pieces of cake or another dessert waiting in the kitchen, ready to serve, it's fine for the two of you to cut the cake immediately after dinner. If this isn't the case, remember that it will take time for someone to cut the rest of the cake for serving.  You may want to go ahead and have this ceremony before sitting down to eat. You could even incorporate a before-dinner thank you toast to your guests into this part of the reception. 

How to Cut the Cake

Cutting a cake sounds easy, but when you're trying to do this together, it can take some coordination. Your photographer can most likely position you for the best photos of this moment. Traditionally, the bride stands closest to the cake with the groom either behind or beside her. The bride's hand is directly on the cake knife and the groom's hand is placed over hers. 

You only need a small piece of cake cut right now, just the size of about two bites. (You can come back for a full piece later.) If you plan to save the top tier to freeze and eat on your 1st anniversary, let your baker know ahead of time so they can provide a box to store it in.

(Side note for freezing the cake: The day after the wedding you will want to wrap that tier with multiple layers of plastic to avoid freezer burn. Then put it back into the box and wrap the box with more plastic wrap.) 

Now that you better understand the reason behind the tradition of cutting the wedding cake and have a few tips on how to plan it, next week we'll offer inspiration on how to make that moment memorable. Until then, you might want to head on over to browse the many beautiful wedding cake tops we offer in our online wedding store. They come in a wide variety of styles and many can even be personalized. You're bound to find a few to fall in love with! 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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