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Wedding Planning Tips That Will Simplify The Entire Process

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There is a LOT involved in planning a wedding, so when you can find tips and tricks to make some of it easier, you should take advantage of them. Simplifying some wedding planning tasks gives you more free time to work on the more involved ones. The tools and accessories that you will find in our online wedding store will help to make your planning experience a lot simpler. 

Write It All Down

An organized bride is a successful bride! Having a great wedding planner is exactly what you need to accomplish this. We are talking about a binder to keep all of your wedding details together, not the type of wedding planner that you hire. (Although a good one of those makes everything a lot easier on you!) 

A lot of brides keep track of their wedding planning digitally nowadays either on their computer, phone, or other mobile devices. It's still a good idea to have a hands-on paper planner too. It's quick & easy to get to if you need to jot something down or look up a contact number, plus your helpers don't need a password to get access to the information too.

Only DIY Certain Parts

Many couples love to use DIY items for their wedding to add a nice, personalized touch. This is a great idea, but extremely time-consuming! An excellent alternative is to use wedding items that allow you to add a bit of your own DIY, but have a large chunk of the work already done for you. 

For example, we have a wonderful selection of DIY wedding invitations that are ready for you to pop into your home printer. Many of them even have lovely embellishments added like ribbons, making it look as if you hand-tied each one yourself.

We also have an incredible variety of DIY programs, program fans, favors, and wedding decorations that come with everything you need to put them together and simple instructions. They are just waiting for your finishing touch, allowing you to have the DIY look with a lot less work.   

Use Our One-Stop Online Shop

At, you can find nearly everything you need, including creative inspiration, to plan the best wedding ever! That means you can take care of a whole lot of your wedding needs right here instead of traveling from store to store. We offer flat-rate shipping on all orders delivered within the Continental USA, and if you spend over $125 on an order, your standard shipping is FREE! A lot of your work can be taken care of in just one order and it might not cost you anything to have it delivered straight to your front door! 

It's not just the items you will need to put on a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception that you will find in our online wedding accessory store. We also have the things you need for pre-wedding parties, like engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties. You'll find jewelry for yourself and your bridal party, as well as excellent gifts for everyone in your wedding party. 

There are also lots of fantastic items for the home you will be sharing with your new spouse, plus great stuff that you can use on the honeymoon. is here to help you plan a memorable wedding, but we're also here to help you take care of a lot more. 

There are a few wedding planning tasks that are going to need your full attention. When it comes to the rest, don't make your job harder. Find small ways here and there to make tasks quick and easy to handle. You'll still be able to host the wedding of your dreams, but you'll be a lot more relaxed while you are doing it! 


~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant 

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