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Unique and Beautiful Wedding Sand Ceremonies

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unity sand ceremony is a lovely addition to include when you are planning a wedding. There is a beautiful meaning behind it, plus after the ceremony, you are left with a  wonderful memento to display in your home. 

Sand Ceremony Basics

This particular type of wedding unity ceremony expresses the coming together of two people when two different colors of sand are poured from individual containers into a shared one. If the bride and/or groom already have children, more sand colors may be added so that the kids can participate too. In this case, the ceremony symbolizes the joining of two families. 

Your chosen sand ceremony set should be displayed someplace easy to get to during the wedding ceremony, up front with the two of you. The main container will be empty, and the sands that will be used will be in separate individual containers. Many meaningful sand ceremony readings can be found online and your officiant is sure to have ideas on this subject too.  

At the appropriate point in the service, the two of you will take turns pouring your sand color into the main container. If you are including children, they will join you for this part of the ceremony. A layered effect always looks nice with each person taking turns pouring a portion of their sand in until the container is full. 

Lots of Options

You will find a wonderful variety of unity sand sets at, as well as lots of different sand color choices. Many of these sets can be personalized too. We carry lots of beautiful vases and decanters in numerous shapes and sizes. 

Frames are another great option for your unity sand ceremony. Some have sayings printed on the front. Another has a spot where you can place an engagement photo or a picture of your newly forming family to make this keepsake even more personal. You can even replace the photo later with a wedding portrait if you like. 

We also have some very unique hourglass sets in our online wedding store that can be used for this unity ceremony. Not just for looks, they can be used later as an actual hourglass too! 

With so many choices for the type of container to use for your sand unity ceremony, you're sure to find the perfect one to represent the two of you beautifully when you shop at If you prefer a traditional unity candle ceremony instead, we have an incredible variety of those for you to choose from also. Our wedding accessory store online is the perfect place to find nearly everything you will need to host your dream wedding. After all, it is "Where Brides Go, For What Brides Love!


  ~ The Team
Post by Deanna Powell, Certified Bridal Consultant

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